Sunkids Enrollment Form

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By enrolling into programs offered through Sunkids, the parent acknowledge and agree to our Terms and Conditions as specified below:
*We must receive the full payment within 7 days from your booking or the reservation will be cancelled. In the case where class dates fall on a public / statutory holiday, tuition fees will be calculated on a pro rated basis.
*No refunds will be given for classes already paid for.
Adverse Weather
*All classes will be cancelled for typhoon Signal 8 and above and black rain warning. A make-up class will be provided for all private classes subject to availability. We are unable to provide make-up classes for holiday camps.
Cancellation policy
For all group classes / holiday camps
*Due to the nature of the classes, we regret that we cannot provide any make-up classes or refunds if your child is unable to attend for any reason, including illness or vacation.
For semi-private / private lessons:
*Cancellations of any semi-private or private lessons must be done more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time. Failure to notify Sunkids prior to 24 hours will result in a full charge for the lesson. All notifications must be done by telephone or email.
*Sunkids reserves the right to cancel classes due to teacher’s health condition or other reasons. If a class is cancelled by the teacher, parents will be notified as soon as possible and fees for this session will not be refunded but a make-up class will be provided.
Class Withdrawal
*To withdraw from any private group class or private lesson, please provide Sunkids with at least one month’s prior notice in writing.
During Class time
*Please do not use your mobile phone during class time.
*For all accompanied classes, we require 1 adult only to accompany the child and to guide and encourage the child to participate in all the activities.
*Please take care of your children and your belongings during class; Sunkids shall not be liable for any personal injury or property damage / loss during the course of the programme.
*Parents / students agree not to reproduce or distribute to any other person, in whole or in part, any of the class materials or lesson notes provided by Sunkids.
*Parents are not permitted to solicit or make private arrangements for tuition with teachers employed by Sunkids.
*Sunkids will substitute or change teachers as and when it is necessary and we will notify you in advance.
*Sunkids reserves the right to discontinue a student's enrollment at any time due to non-payment of tuition in part or in full, disruptive behavior in class or negative impact on other students’ learning.
*No videos shall be taken during class unless written permission from Sunkids is obtained in advance.
*We will charge $50 for reference letters in support of school applications.
*We may use photos, videos and/or sound recordings of children for teacher training, curriculum, and/or promotional purpose, unless otherwise informed by you in writing.
*Sunkids reserves the right to make all final decisions. Fees and policies are subject to change without prior notice.